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Recreation and sports complex "Burtakas"
Address Straupe parish Place is located at Inčukalns – Valmiera road, before Straupe.
Telephone 29451234
Email burtakas@inbox.lv
WWW www.burtakas.lv
Offer Grand bathhouse with celebration hall with capacity up to 100 people, 33 sleeping places (extra beds and places in berth cabins possible). Tub bath (during winter) - for 14 people; Terrace bath (during winter)- for 8 people; Berth cabin - 3 doubled heated cabins, 6 + 1 places in a cabin (tent site available additionally). Pool bar (BB).
Description Name Burtakas originate from Burtakas rock which you may see right here on a bank of Braslas river. Spot is surrounded by wood and river, by where neighbors presence is not felt and one can feel himself like in a Good bosom. Your view will be pleased observing created waterfall , channels and fountains as well as moon and light refection glittering in ponds by evening.
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