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» Celebration and seminar place

Ungurmuiža manor house
Address Raiskums parish GPS: N57˚21.765′ E025˚05.252′
Telephone 29171764
Email info@ungurmuiza.lv
Offer • To visit manor-house with guide service in Latvian and foreign languages • Rooms for seminars • Banquet • 8 double bedrooms in guest house • Meals for tourist groups • Tea ceremony
Price adults - EUR 3.00, student - EUR 2.00, pensioner -EUR 2.00. Guide: EUR 25.00latvian, EUR 35.00 other language.
Working time Every day from 10.00 till 18.00, except - Monday closed.
Description An example of 18th century Baroque wooden architecture, built by Baron von Kampenhausen as his family residence. There was created new architectural ensemble around the yard in 1731. The new dominant was the Manor-house built in 1732. Now it is regaining all its former glory, thanks to many reconstruction works. Latvia’s only manor-house from this period. Interiors with surprisingly well preserved murals. The special atmosphere of the manor can be enjoyed, walking in the park under the giant oaks or drinking tea in the tea house. The manor school, from 1734, has a conference hall and guest rooms.
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Recreation and sports complex "Burtakas"
Address Straupe parish Place is located at Inčukalns – Valmiera road, before Straupe.
Telephone 29451234
Email burtakas@inbox.lv
WWW www.burtakas.lv
Offer Grand bathhouse with celebration hall with capacity up to 100 people, 33 sleeping places (extra beds and places in berth cabins possible). Tub bath (during winter) - for 14 people; Terrace bath (during winter)- for 8 people; Berth cabin - 3 doubled heated cabins, 6 + 1 places in a cabin (tent site available additionally). Pool bar (BB).
Description Name Burtakas originate from Burtakas rock which you may see right here on a bank of Braslas river. Spot is surrounded by wood and river, by where neighbors presence is not felt and one can feel himself like in a Good bosom. Your view will be pleased observing created waterfall , channels and fountains as well as moon and light refection glittering in ponds by evening.
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Raiskuma folk house
Address Raiskums parish, Auciems, ,,Auciemmuiža”
Telephone 26234766
Email solveiga.ruska@pargaujasnovads.lv
Vietu skaits 130 seats
Price EUR 42.69+ 14.23 EUR per hour
Stalbe folk house
Address Stalbe parish
Telephone 26234766
Email solveiga.ruska@pargaujasnovads.lv
Vietu skaits 250 – 300 seats
Price EUR 28.46 +EUR 1.42 per hour
Straupe folk house
Address Straupe parish, Plācis
Telephone 26234766
Email solveiga.ruska@pargaujasnovads.lv
Vietu skaits 250 – 300 seats
Price EUR 28.46 + EUR 1.42 per hour
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