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Recreation and sports complex "Burtakas"
Address Straupe parish Place is located at Inčukalns – Valmiera road, before Straupe.
Telephone 29451234
Email burtakas@inbox.lv
WWW www.burtakas.lv
Offer Grand bathhouse with celebration hall with capacity up to 100 people, 33 sleeping places (extra beds and places in berth cabins possible). Tub bath (during winter) - for 14 people; Terrace bath (during winter)- for 8 people; Berth cabin - 3 doubled heated cabins, 6 + 1 places in a cabin (tent site available additionally). Pool bar (BB).
Description Name Burtakas originate from Burtakas rock which you may see right here on a bank of Braslas river. Spot is surrounded by wood and river, by where neighbors presence is not felt and one can feel himself like in a Good bosom. Your view will be pleased observing created waterfall , channels and fountains as well as moon and light refection glittering in ponds by evening.
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Camping "Briedīši"
Address Raiksums parish GPS: N57˚17.668′ E025˚07.509′
Telephone 26466916
Email info@briedisi-ak.lv
WWW www.briedisi-ak.lv
Offer Apartments with sauna, walking trails, cycling route and skiing trace, celebration place. Recreation complex „ Briedīši” during spring-summer-autumn season offers boat trips along the most beautiful place of Gauja: Cēsis Bridge – Līgatne ferry. Duration of a trip 7-9 hours.
Description Guest holiday houses built in the wood next to the quiet marsh. In the middle of Gauja National Park, between the lakes, Gauja river and rocky Brasla’s valley. The flavor of wooden log building reinforces exclusive wooden furniture, wrought iron, stained glass and a neat linen textile. Each family or community of friends will find here a place for recreation or an active employment on every season.
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Kanoe rent "Gaujas laivas"
Address Raiskuma parish GPS: N57˚30.519′ E025˚13.744′
Telephone 29217749, 26114644
Email info@gaujas-laivas.lv
WWW www.gaujas-laivas.lv
Offer Water tourism to beautiful Latvia river – recreation, fresh air, beautiful nature, fishing, swimming in night and conversations in evenings at camp -fire. Three- seat canoe boat rent traveling along Gauja and Salaca. If you are traveling with overnight, in boat are seat for 2 adults an 1 child, in shorter trip there are a place for 3 adults. Passengers are transported on the route start point and back.
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Guided boating tours "Gaujaskrasts"
Address Raiskums parish, ,,Jaunstilbi” GPS: N57˚20.500′ E025˚09.031′
Telephone 29423270
WWW www.gaujaskrasts.lv
Offer Boat rental, rafts, tents rental, nature trail, horse riding, bath-house.
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Recreation complex "Ķecis
Address Raikums parish. GPS: N57˚19.736′ E025˚05.443′
Telephone 29435545, 27400315
WWW www.kecis.lv
Vietu skaits 50
Offer Banquet room (120 person), sauna, kitchen, sport fields, tent places. Area for sport games.
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Hunting, sport and recreation area "Mārkulīči"
Address Straupe parish GPS: N57˚18.105′ E024˚54.774′
Telephone 29464946 (call and make your reservation before arrive)
Email markulici@markulici.lv
WWW www.markulici.lv
Offer Outdoor shooting places for shooting with a variety of guns (airguns, hunting guns, rifle), bows hooting. Sportfields fir big and small companies. Swimming place, boats, fireplaces, open-air stage.
How to reach there? A3, at 28th kilometer
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Farm "Sandas"
Address Raiskums parish GPS: N57˚20.500′ E025˚09.031′
Telephone 29423270
Email leldepole@inbox.lv
WWW www.gaujaskrasts.lv
Offer Canoe, raft rent, cycle rent, tents and sleeping- bags.
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Fishing place "Ūdensrozes"
Address Stalbe parish, "Ūdensrozes". GPS: N57˚20.469′ E025˚01.015′
Telephone 26520177 (about fishing) 26467374 (fish farming)
Email asaka8@inbox.lv
WWW www.udensrozes.lv
Offer Paid fishing
Description Big fish, beautiful scenery. Pond (area – 16 ha) inhabited by carp, crucian carp, pike, perch, roach, tench.
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Recreation and sport centre Ltd. "Ungurmalas"
Address Raiskums parish "Ezermalas" GPS: N57˚20.996′ E025˚06.010′
Telephone 26433390
Email ungurmalas@ungurmalas.lv
WWW www.ungurmalas.lv
Vietu skaits 100 (13 persons in rooms)
Offer Recreation complex at Ungurs lake. Banquet, seminar hall (130 persons); Accommodation for 100 guests; A summer pavilion with a stage (for 450 persons); There is a big place for sport events and other activities. Tent places, on the bank of the lake; Hire of different sports grounds; Boat, catamaran hire.
Description The recreation and sport centre Ltd. "Ungurmalas" is situated in Ezermalas, Raiskuma parish not far from the most beautiful and ancient town of Vidzeme - Cesis. The centre is located in a beautiful place with landscapes, which is formed by forest and meadows. There is one of the largest lakes near the centre in Cesu district – Ungurs Lake, which is included in the territory of Gauja National Park.
How to reach there? The distance of the centre from Riga, when driving along Riga-Valmiera motorway,- 94 km, from Cesis - 9 km.
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