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Stonemason’s Workshop "Dimantas"
Address It is located in Straupe parish, "Dimantas" GPS: N57˚21.294′ E024˚57.606′
Telephone 29471887 (call and make your reservation)
Offer Visitors to the stonemason’s workshop are informed about the properties of stone an stone carving methods.
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Handmade craft shop "Ezeriņi"
Address Stalbe parish N57˚22.580′ E025˚02.331′
Telephone +371-26371928; +371-29346290
Email ezerinji@inbox.lv
WWW www.ezerini.lv
Offer Creative Workshop and shop
Price Price for adults 2 eur, children from 10-18 1 eur, children till 10 - for free.
Working time 10.00 - 18.00
Description An extensive choice of various animal and insect statues made of stone and metal, and large variety of decorative and applied glass art. Excursion and creative acitivities - painting on small stouns or glas.
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Farm "Eicēni"
Address Straupe parish, "Dārziņi" GPS: N57˚20.856′ E024˚57.089′
Telephone 29108512
Email eiceni@inbox.lv
WWW www.eiceni.lv
Offer Therapeutic sauna rituals, tasting of organic products.
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Guna Rukšāne’s Flower Garden
Address Raikums parish, "Jaunrūjas". GPS: N57˚20.757′ E025˚06.947′
Telephone 29488877
Offer A collection of perennial plants, bulbous flowers and water lilies. Over 300 daffodils, 400 lilies, 70 Siberian irises, phlox and water lily species, as well as the largest collection of "hostas" in Latvia.
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Mill on the Hill
Address Raiskums parish GPS: N57˚22.738′ E025˚12.459′
Telephone 64164157
Offer The miller will show you flour and groat cribs and present the milling process. At the mill, everything is real and working.
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Metalsmith’s Workshop "Rātes"
Address Straupe parish, Bērzu street 2. GPS: N57˚21.447′ E024˚57.168′
Telephone 26520523
Offer Visitors are shown how metal jewellery is made, and offered the chance to experience first-hand what it takes to work as a metal-smith.
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Landfill "Daibe"
Address Stalbe parish
Telephone 28394140
WWW www.zaao.lv
Offer A tour around a modern waste landfill.
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Fishing place "Ūdensrozes"
Address Stalbe parish, "Ūdensrozes". GPS: N57˚20.496′ E025˚01.015′
Telephone 26520177 (about fishing)
Email asaka8@inbox.lv
WWW www.udensrozes.lv
Offer Paid fishing
Description Big fish, beautiful scenery. Pond (area – 16 ha) inhabited by carp, crucian carp, pike, perch, roach, tench.
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